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Józef Ostafin

The "Save the Memory" project is a series of video interviews with witnesses of history from 1939- 1956. It was created to preserve the memories and experiences of the heroes and heroines from this period.

At the beginning of the film. the logos of the Polish History Museum are illustrated, featuring a yellow crown, gray wings, and the letter "P" in red with the Polish flag in the center. Also detailed is the phrase ”Patriotism of Tomorrow” with the letter "P" in black. Underneath these icons, there is a white inscription "Project co-financed by the Museum of Polish History in Warsaw as part of the Patriotism of Tomorrow program."

The main character of the film is Jozef Ostafin, born in 1894, died in 1947. He was a legionnaire, Silesian uprising insurgent, MP for the Second Polish Republic, soldier of the ZWZ-AK, pseudonym "Chudy" and "Miłosz". After the war he was anactivist in the Freedom and Independence (WiN) organization. He was sentenced to death by the communist regime.

His story is told by his daughter - Jadwiga Martynowa. The woman is in the room, and behind her hangs a painting framed in a thick, gilded frame. Next to it can be seen part of a green couch, covered from above with a yellow bedspread. The woman is about 80 years old and is framed to her shoulders. Her hair is gray and pinned up. She is dressed in a black fabric blouse with white peas and a white ball necklace.

Throughout the film, she shows footage from her private archive, family photos, and her father's documents. At the end of the film appears a blackboard with the blue logo of the Historical Museum of the City of Krakow and the white logo of Oskar Schindler's Emalia Factory Lipowa 4. At the bottom is the website address: www.ocalicpamiec.mhk.pl and the year of production - 2013.

Józef Ostafin

Kazimiera Ostafin, żona Józefa, lata 30. w., wł. prywatna
Rodzina Ostafinów, 1938 r., wł. prywatna
Józef Ostafin, Lwów 1935 r., wł. prywatna
Józef Ostafin, ok. 1930 r., wł. prywatna
Legitymacja Związku Strzeleckiego Józefa Ostafina, 1932 r., wł. prywatna
Legitymacja Virtuti Militari Józefa Ostafina, 1933, wł. prywatna
Legitymacja poselska Józefa Ostafina, 1935 r., wł. prywatna
Józef Ostafin (drugi od prawej), Sielce, ok. 1942 r., wł. prywatna
Józef Ostafin z rodziną, z czasów ukrywania się przed gestapo, Kalwaria Zebrzydowska 1943–1945 r., wł. prywatna
Jadwiga Ostafin, córka Józefa, Kraków 1947 r., wł. prywatna
Józef Ostafin, po aresztowaniu, Kraków 1946 r., wł. prywatna
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