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The "Save the Memory" project is a series of video interviews with witnesses of history from 1939- 1956. It was created to preserve the memories and experiences of the heroes and heroines from this period.

At the beginning of the film. the logos of the Polish History Museum are illustrated, featuring a yellow crown, gray wings, and the letter "P" in red with the Polish flag in the center. Also detailed is the phrase ”Patriotism of Tomorrow” with the letter "P" in black. Underneath these icons, there is a white inscription "Project co-financed by the Museum of Polish History in Warsaw as part of the Patriotism of Tomorrow program."

The main character of the film is Henry Munch. He was born in 1906 and died in 1968. A soldier of the Union of the Armed Struggle-Home Army (ZWZ-AK), pseudonym "Mnich," an activist of the Delegation of Armed Forces at Home, a guardian of the Katyn documents, and a political prisoner under the communist regime. After the war, he was an activist of "Freedom and Independence" Association, alias "Misniak" and a historian, urban planner, and archivist. His story is told by his son, Stefan Munch.

The man is captured up to his shoulders. He is about 70-80 years old. He has gray hair and a gentle oval face. He is dressed in a gray shirt and glasses.

Throughout the film, he shows material from his private archive, such as family photos. At the end of the film appears a blackboard with the blue logo of the Historical Museum of the City of Krakow and the white logo of Oskar Schindler's Emalia Factory Lipowa 4. At the bottom is the website address: www.ocalicpamiec.mhk.pl and the year of production - 2013.

Henryk Műnch

Henryk Münch, przed Archiwum Akt Dawnych, przenoszenie zbiorów oo. benedyktynów z Tyńca przed wkroczeniem Armii Czerwonej, Kraków 1944 r. , wł. prywatna
Henryk Münch w areszcie, Kraków 1946 r., wł. prywatna
Henryk Münch, plac św. Ducha, Kraków grudzień 1959 r., wł. prywatna
Henryk Münch z rodziną, od prawej stoją syn Stefan i Henryk Münch, Kraków 1956–1959 r., wł. prywatna
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