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Niusia (Bronisława) Horowitz-Karakulska

The "Save the Memory" project is a series of film interviews with witnesses of history from 1939- 1956. It was created to preserve the memory of heroines and heroes from this period and record their experiences.

The heroine of the film is Niusia (Bronislawa) Horowitz-Karakulska, saved by Oskar Schindler. The daughter of Regina (née Rosner) and David, she is a former prisoner of the German Nazi concentration camps Plaszow, Auschwitz-Birkenau and Brünnlitz.

The woman is 83 years old and is framed to the waist. She has short gray hair, narrow lips and painted eyelashes. She is dressed in a white turtle neck and black and white jacket. She sits on a cream leather chair against a brown curtain.

Throughout the film, she shows footage from her private archive, family photos and documents. At the end of the film appears a blackboard with the blue logo of the Historical Museum of the City of Krakow and the white logo of Oskar Schindler's Emalia Factory Lipowa 4. At the bottom is the website address: www.ocalicpamiec.mhk.pl and the year of production - 2013.

Niusia (Bronisława) Horowitz-Karakulska

Niusia z mamą Reginą, Kraków, 1934, wł. Niusi Horowtiz-Karakulskiej
Krakowska Orkiestra Salonowa Henryka Rosnera, Kraków, lata 30. XX w., wł. Niusi Horowtiz-Karakulskiej
Babcia Niusi – Sara Horowitz (1888−1862), Kraków, 1946, wł. Niusi Horowtiz-Karakulskiej
Dziadek Niusi – Szachne Horowitz (1888−1954), Kraków, 1946, wł. Niusi Horowtiz-Karakulskiej
Niusia Horowitz-Karakulska, Roman Liebling (później Polański), Ryszard Horowitz i Roma Ligocka na Wawelu, Kraków, 1946, wł. Niusi Horowtiz-Karakulskiej
Niusia Horowitz i Stella Müller, Zakopane, 1950, wł. Niusi Horowtiz-Karakulskiej
Rodzina Horowitzów, od lewej siedzą: Sara, Regina i Dolek, stoją: Szachne, Niusia i Ryszard, Kraków, 1955, wł. Niusi Horowtiz-Karakulskiej
Niusia Horowitz-Karakulska z córką Magdą, Kraków, 1962, wł. Niusi Horowtiz-Karakulskiej
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